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Sweet Centerpiece

When you are in the process of planning an event, different colors and themes come to mind. Usually, they start with the obvious choices first. Perhaps from events you have attended in the past or colors that are on the safe side. This year, why not take your next event to a whole new level – by stepping out of the box?


There are so many amazing features you can add to your event to make it memorable! Here is an example of a recent event where we brought a Willy Wonka theme come to life this Christmas!

Remember that a few key touches and DIY ideas can make your theme really “pop”. This event featured centerpieces made by us, The Sugar Cube! If you want to add these to your next event, here are the steps to create them:

  1. Get the Supplies: You will need: unicorn pops, sparkle picks (you can find these at Michael’s), a clear jar, a Styrofoam ball (small enough for jar – with about an inch of space all the way around), and scissors.


  1. Candy Sticks: Start arranging the unicorn pops in the Styrofoam ball. Making sure that they are sticking out in all directions, evenly.


  1. Sparkle Picks: Add the sparkle picks evenly throughout the Styrofoam ball. Making sure that they are covering around and between the unicorn pops.


  1. Candy: Last step! Add some candy around the bottom of the jar. This will hide the bottom of the sparkle picks, unicorn pops and Styrofoam ball! Make sure you fill with enough candy to cover the ball all around!


This event turned out better than we ever expected! Many of the guests couldn’t stop talking about the décor! They were expecting a typical holiday party, but this theme brought a bit of “wow” (and added a little more fun)!


This event wouldn’t be the same without more local vendors who helped accomplish this amazing day! Along with our company The Sugar Cube, we used our favorite linen rental company Chair Flair to bring pretty décor that matched the theme we were trying to create! Then, we got our favorite photographer Riana Lisbeth to capture the memories!


If you are thinking about stepping out of the box for your next event, try asking some local vendors for their help and input! Usually they have a lot of ideas up their sleeve that can bring your event to the next level! Also, don’t forget Pintrest for more DIY ideas for that extra charm!


Another great idea – assorted popcorn buffet!


If you are looking for ideas for a candy centerpiece for your event - we can help! Let us know your theme and we will make you something SWEET! Contact us at


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