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Advent Calendars Frequently Asked Questions

The Famous Candy Advent Calendar

The Sugar Cube's Famous Candy Advent Calendars will ignite a month-long celebration of pure sweetness throughout December. Unleash your taste buds with an extraordinary twist on the Traditional Chocolate Advent Calendar. Each box is meticulously hand-packed and full of sweets, sours, or various gummies that will keep you coasting on a sugar rush all the way to Christmas morning!

You'll discover new favourites, and savour old classics, all while creating core memories with your family and friends.

The perfect gift for yourself or to share with your family, household, friends, clients and workplace that'll last all month long.
There is no sweeter way to look forward to Christmas this year!


Our 2023 Advent Calendars will be available for purchase on September 12, 2023, and are available while supplies last! 
Remember, these Advent Calendars are up for pre-sale to our newsletter subscribers starting September 9, 2023, where they are also going to be offered a MEGA discount for the lowest price available this holiday season!

Join our email list below to get in on the action, you definitely want to take advantage of this! 

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Individual Candy Advent CalendarFamily Candy Advent Calendar


The product you receive may not exactly match the candies/packaging you see in photos above. Pricing changes yearly and will be updated accordingly. Please refer to product pages for up to date pricing. Last updated August 17, 2023.

Advent Calendar Video Library

A visual of what you can expect this holiday season!
All about Advent Calendars - Introduction
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👩🏼‍💼 All about Advent Calendars - The Individual Advent Calendar
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 All about Advent Calendars - The Family Advent Calendar
🍬 All about Advent Calendars - Candy Volume


Advent Calendar Contents

Our Candy Advent Calendar contains sweet, sour, and other gummy candies we curate yearly. We want to give you a taste of nostalgic classics and let you discover new favourites! It’s the perfect gift for yourself, friends, family, staff, and clients that’ll last all month!

Check out the Sugar Cube's Candy Picker from December 1, 2023, to search for your candy! But, before you do, utilize the guessing sheet included with your calendar to wager what flavour you might be sampling and give it a name while you're at it! It makes for a super interactive anticipated moment in your day!

For the Full 25-Day Advent Calendar, we do a Gluten & Dairy Free option and a Peanut & Nut Free option.

There is a $5 surcharge per calendar for allergens. Please ensure you have selected the correct allergen variant when checking out. We cannot make these changes after you have completed checkout.

Due to the high volume of Advent Calendars, we are producing, we are unable to accommodate special requests. However, we will not include spicy or licorice candies in our 2023 Calendars. You're safe!

Advent Calendar Pricing

 If I wanted to order more than one Advent Calendar, is there a discount?
Yes! Volume discounts are applied automatically for both the Individual and Family Advent Calendars.

Individual Advent Calendar

  • 1 at $75.00 each
  • 2 at $70.00 each
  • 3+ at $65.00 each

Family Advent Calendar

  • 1 at $125.00 each
  • 2 at $115.00 each
  • 3+ at $ 110.00 each

There is a $5 surcharge per calendar for allergens. Please make sure you have selected the correct allergen variant when checking out.

A note about delivery/shipping: All volume discount purchases must be delivered/shipped to the same address. For example, you cannot purchase three calendars and request they go to three different shipping addresses.

Advent Calendar Delivery and Shipping Timelines

Our 2023 Advent Calendars will go live on our website on September 12, 2023. Make sure to get on our mailing list to gain access to our pre-sale starting September 9, 2023! We're coming in hot with OUR BEST PRICE AVAILABLE discount during the pre-sale for those who are subscribed to our email list!

All Advent Calendars will ship in time to arrive on your doorstep by or before December 1, 2023, as long as the cut-off days below are adhered to. We always prioritize orders going furthest away to give us extra wiggle room for them to arrive on time! We will begin shipping in November to keep them at their freshest.

Delivery and Shipping Timelines 


The provided shipping and arrival dates are intended to serve as a reference, ensuring that you know
that any orders placed AFTER the dates listed below cannot be guaranteed to arrive on time.

Out-of-province Shipments

Order Cutoff: October 30, 2023 - UPDATE NEW CUTOFF - November 12, 2023
Orders will ship: from November 1, 2023, to November 20, 2023

Alberta Shipments (including Calgary surrounding)

Order Cutoff: November 10, 2023 - UPDATE NEW CUTOFF - November 20, 2023
Orders will ship: from November 1, 2023, to November 25, 2023

Local Deliveries (Calgary ONLY)

Order Cutoff: November 20, 2023
or until SOLD out - limited quantities available
Orders will be sent for delivery: from November 16, 2023, to November 30, 2023

Local Pickup

Order Cutoff: November 20, 2023
or until SOLD out - limited quantities available
Pickup Notices Sent: November 16, 2023, to November 30, 2023


☃️ Mini Advent Calendars

We may offer Mini Advent Calendars, which are packaged for 12 days only. These are subject to availability and could go on sale on November 1, 2023 while quantities last. The shipping cut off timelines below apply to Mini Advent Calendars only.

Out of Province & Alberta

Order Cutoff: November 28, 2023
Orders Ship: November 16, 2023, to December 1, 2023

Local Delivery & Local Pickup

Order Cutoff: December 5, 2023
Notices Sent: December 1, 2023, to December 9, 2023

We know the boxes look very cute all lined up, but please only remove them from their shrink wrap once you've reached those specific days. We wrap the boxes to keep them fresh as long as possible! We recommend putting any leftovers in a Tupperware container to preserve freshness for those pieces of candy you couldn't eat on the day and would like to enjoy later.

At this time we are only able to ship our product within Canada. We are working on avenues to ship to the USA in the future. If you have a friend in Canada who is also shopping, have them take advantage of the bulk purchase option and when the receive those Calendars they can ship it off to you as a gift instead!

Have a question yet to be answered above? Please send us a message through our website chat or send an email to!

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