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From Haunting Horrors to Wizarding Wonders. Candy To Pair With Your Movie Night!

From Haunting Horrors to Wizarding Wonders. Candy To Pair With Your Movie Night!

We're daring you to have a creepy movie marathon that will send shivers down your spine! Here's a list of 20 fun, thrilling, and spooky Movies or TV Series paired thoughtfully with some candy products from our shop that will provide the perfect accompaniment!

1. Halloween
A dedicated fan of Halloween, Michael Myers takes his costume (and knife) way too seriously, spoiling the spooky fun for everyone in Haddonfield.

Pairs Well With: Scary Screamers Gigantic CandyGram

2. Beetlejuice
Say his name three times, and a wildly unhinged freelance bio-exorcist might turn your afterlife into an unmanageable circus. Buyer's remorse is guaranteed.

Pairs Well With: Creepy Crawlies Gigantic CandyGram

3. Wednesday Series
The queen of the macabre, Wednesday Addams, juggles being a literal femme fatale at Nevermore Academy, dealing with killer plants, spirit boards, and the typical teenage drama.

Pairs Well With: 13 Fright Nights Countdown Calendar

4. Stranger Things Series
In a small town where the mall is the second strangest thing, a group of kids navigate friendship, first loves, and...fending off interdimensional monsters. Just 80s things!

Pairs Well With: Halloween Surprise Bag

5. The Final Girl
Final Girl 101: A horror film dissertation on how to survive slasher scenarios because someone has to make it to the sequel, right?

Pairs Well With: Spread The Scare Candy Bag Package

6. Freaky Friday
The ultimate test of mother-daughter empathy: literally swapping lives, bodies, and high school dramas, discovering it's no fun walking in each other's shoes (or bodies) after all!

Pairs Well With: Candy Corn Gigantic CandyGram

7. Scream
Ghostface asks what your favourite scary movie is and then proves why this one should be it. Spoiler: Caller ID sales skyrocket post-viewing.

Pairs Well With: Scary Screamers Regular CandyGram

8. The Conjuring
Husband-and-wife ghostbuster duo go on a farm stay, only to find themselves in the most sinister episode of "Fixer Upper" imaginable.

Pairs Well With: Witches Brew Regular CandyGram

9. 28 Days Later
London goes full zombie, and a man wakes up from a coma to find that "mind the gap" now refers to avoiding the jaw of the undead chasing you.

Pairs Well With: Bones + Guts Gigantic CandyGram

10. Friday the 13th
Camp Crystal Lake, where the employment and survival rates are inversely correlated. Jason Voorhees insists on hostile, unasked-for lake patrols.

Pairs Well With: 13 Fright Nights Countdown Calendar

11. The Cabin In The Woods
It was a typical teenage getaway with a side of interdimensional, apocalyptic horror puppeteering. Bonus: You'll never look at a conch the same way again.

Pairs Well With: Spread The Scare Candy Bag Package

12. The Descent
A girl's spelunking trip in uncharted caves turns dark, proving that what lies below is far more terrifying than emotional baggage.

Pairs Well With: Creepy Crawly Halloween Cotton Candy Tub

13. The Haunting of Hill House
A cursed family proves that home is where the heart is...and also vengeful spirits. Home renovation shows won't prepare you for these haunting issues.

Pairs Well With: Caramel Apple Halloween Cotton Candy Tub

14. Hocus Pocus
Three witch sisters from the 17th century are out to suck the youth out of Salem's kids on Halloween night because skincare routines weren't a thing back then. A teen, his crush, and his little sister must outsmart them, which isn't hard since the witches are hilariously clueless about the 20th century. Spells, laughs, Yabos and a musical number to put a spell on you!

Pairs Well With: Witches Brew Gigantic CandyGram

15. A Nightmare On Elm Street
Sleeping disorders spike in a neighbourhood when Freddy Krueger, the dreamy killer with a fashion-forward bladed glove, insists on turning sweet dreams into lethal nightmares. Tip: Coffee sales surge.

Pairs Well With: Fall Harvest Regular CandyGram

16. The Ring
VHS tapes make a deadly comeback when watching a specific one, which means you have seven days until a well-dwelling ghost decides to crawl through your TV. Binge-watch at your own risk!

Pairs Well With: Witches Brew Halloween Cotton Candy Tub

17. The Shining
A family's winter vacation to an isolated hotel goes downhill (on a tricycle) fast. Writer's block, telepathic skills, and a haunted hotel—what could go wrong? "All work and no play" makes Jack a dull...wait, never mind.

Pairs Well With: Candy Corn Halloween Cotton Candy Mini Bags

18. Carrie
Prom queen, telekinetic teen, and definitely not the girl to douse in pig's blood. A high-school revenge story that suggests considering settling beefs with a calm conversation instead?

Pairs Well With: Bones + Guts Regular CandyGram

19. The Others
It's a post-WWII haunted house story where the ghosts are...unexpected. Spoiler alert: it's a film where the living are more haunting than the dead, and the curtains must always remain closed.

Pairs Well With: Fall Harvest Gigantic CandyGram

20. The Harry Potter Series
A boy wizard, Harry, spends his school years dodging death, befriending giant spiders and snakes, and dealing with a dark lord with severe nose issues and an unhealthy fixation on him. It's all wands, whimsy, and a fair share of "Wait, why is THAT in a school?!"

Pairs Well With: Harry Potter Basket and Butter Beer


Even more exciting is that allergen-friendly Halloween treats are available in our CandyGrams, Candy Bags, and Cotton Candy. We always recommend Cotton Candy as a safe, allergen-free option when in doubt.
Plus, it's scary delicious!

Oct 27, 2023, is our order cut-off for deliveries of Halloween Goodies!

Now, what movie are YOU going to choose?


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