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Meet our Stampede Cotton Candy Flavours

Stampede is only a month away and with it comes a selection of eclectic and experimental midway foods. This year's line up includes wild goodies like Kraft Dinner Soft Serve Ice Cream, Squid Corn Dogs, and Glazed Donut Grilled Cheese!

You won't find us on the Stampede grounds but we've brought back our own Stampede classics for you to get a taste of the midway at home! Six classic fair treats, all turned into delicious cotton candy!


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 The Sugar Cube Stampede Cotton Candy Flavours


Canadian Maple

A classic addition to any Stampede Breakfast, this sweet maple cotton candy goes excellent on top of pancakes!

Caramel Apple

We've mixed green apple with sweet sweet caramel for this cotton candy that is a mix of tart and decadent!


Great for adding on top of a Rootbeer Float!

Mini Donut

A staple of any food truck event! We've mixed cinnamon sugar into this cotton candy for a warm, toasted flavour that you'll love!


 We love mixing sweet and sour and this lemonade comes with just enough sour sprinkles to make you feel like you've tasted the real thing!

Buttered Popcorn

The secret to making this cotton candy taste just like popcorn? Salted Sprinkles. The mix of salty and sweet melting on your tongue is a combo that we can't get enough of!



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