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Plan your 2023 with The Sugar Cube!

We know it can be daunting looking at a blank calendar for the next year! As we begin to take a look at our 2023, we've begun to plan out your year 
Whether you're looking to expand with new clients, engage with more team bonding, or host a show-stopping event in 2023, The Sugar Cube is here to help! 
Send an email to and ask us about our corporate pricing or get an event quote!

January Corporate Gifting Ideas Sugar Cube

Start the new year off right by reaching out to new potential clients!

We know we’ll be spending our January reconnecting with all of past clients and reaching out to new businesses we’d love to work with. Want to work with us in 2023? We’d love to hear from you! Send an email to for more information on our corporate and wholesale brochures or event packages!

February Spread the Love Candy BagsSpread some love with our Spread the Love Candy Bags

Our 100g Candy Bags are perfect for treating staff or surprising your customers with! Better yet, a portion of all of our Spread the Joy Candy Bag Packages are donated towards a charity partner. Our current partner for our Spread the Love Candy Bag Packages is Love for Lewiston. 

Stand out at conferences and tradeshows with custom labelled candy!

Stand out from the hundreds of other people giving out business cards and pens that will be lost in the bottom of a bag. We can do custom labelled Candy Bags or baby CandyGrams that’ll make you look a lot sweeter than the competition!

Show appreciation to your Administrative Staff with a Candy Basket or Stacked CandyGram

Administrative Professionals day is Wednesday, April 26 this year! Make sure you’re not overlooking the important work these professionals do to keep your office running smoothly. Our Stacked CandyGrams and Candy Baskets are a quick but sweet purchase for you to show your appreciation!


The Sugar Cube celebrates 10 years! What are you doing to celebrate your company milestones?

It’s easy to get stuck in the day to day of our businesses and forget to stop and celebrate the milestones! Whether you’re celebrating with a large team or an office of one, a Candy Platter is one of our favourite ways to create an “instant party!”
What are we doing to celebrate 10 years of The Sugar Cube? Stay tuned for some big promotions and celebrations!

June is Pride Month!

A portion of proceeds from all of our Pride collection will be donated to Calgary Pride. If you’d like to partner with us for any of your Pride promotions or celebrations happening throughout the summer, we’d love to chat!


Book one of our Cotton Candy Carts for your Canada Day or Stampede Barbeque

The best way for you to get the Stampede experience without having to step onto Stampede grounds! Our Cotton Candy Carts are great additions for outdoor and indoor events. We can bring any of our 100+ flavours, including liquor infused and special summer flavours like Mini Doughnut and Buttered Popcorn!

Finish off summer with our Candy Truck!

Our Candy Truck makes a great addition to a celebration for a large team, sponsored events (hello Movies in the Park!), markets, or to promote your own sales event! We always share and promote public events happening with our truck, and the distinctive purple colour will stand out to crowds passing by your event.

Recognize some standout members on your team as you finish off Q3!

It’s important to show appreciation for your staff year round, not just at the holidays! CandyGrams, Candy Baskets, and Gift Cards are great ways to recognize the hard work of the top performers on your team! Regular and Gigantic CandyGrams will stay fresh for up to three months, so order a few to have on hand for those candy emergencies!

Book a Blind Candy Tasting for your team!

At The Sugar Cube, we're always tasting and trying candy from all over the globe. Now we want to bring some of that fun to you with our LIVE Blind Candy Tastings! 
You’ll bond with your team as you try 10 different candies with the help of our Candy Curator! Find out your favourites and engage in heated debates over some controversial candies. A perfect way to celebrate Halloween!

Tis the Season for Advent Calendars!

Our Advent Calendars are a great gift for staff or clients that will keep you top of mind all December long. We’re also pleased to offer custom labelling and message options. Please inquire early to reserve your Advent Calendars!

Book a Candy Buffet for your holiday party!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We offer a variety of fun holiday Candy Buffet themes including: Winter Wonderland, Dr. Seuss Christmas, Candyland, and Home for the Holidays! 

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