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Taste the Stampede: 6 Summer Cotton Candy Flavours!

Taste the Stampede: 6 Summer Cotton Candy Flavours!

The Summer of Sweetness has arrived!

Cotton candy isn't just for big events; it's a versatile treat that can bring joy to daily activities. This summer, we're excited to introduce our special Stampede flavours, designed to evoke the festive spirit of the fairgrounds in your everyday moments. Here are some creative ways to enjoy our cotton candy flavours:

1. Picnics in the Park

Pack a variety of cotton candy flavours for your summer picnics. They make a light, fun dessert that's easy to share and guaranteed to be a hit with everyone. Imagine finishing your picnic with the sweet taste of Caramel Apple or the nostalgic flavour of Buttered Popcorn.

2. Pool Parties

Add a cotton candy station to your next pool party. The kids (and adults!) will love the colourful, fluffy treat. Offer a selection of our Stampede flavours, like Lemonade and Root Beer, to keep everyone refreshed and delighted under the sun.

3. Movie Nights

Elevate your home movie nights by serving cotton candy in different flavours that match the movie theme. A classic film could pair perfectly with Canadian Maple, while an adventurous movie night might call for the fun twist of Mini Donut flavour. The possibilities are endless and sure to make your movie nights more memorable.

4. DIY Cotton Candy Cocktails

Use our cotton candy to create fun, Instagram-worthy cocktails. Simply place a tuft of cotton candy in a glass and pour your favourite drink over it for a sweet, magical touch. Try using the Lemonade flavour to add a citrusy zing to your summer drinks or Root Beer for a nostalgic twist. You can even pick up a pack of our Cotton Candy Bombs designed precisely for this application!

5. Summer Weddings

Surprise guests with cotton candy as part of your dessert table or as a whimsical wedding favour. The unique flavours like Canadian Maple and Mini Donut can add a delightful and unexpected element to your special day. These sweet treats will surely be a talking point and a fond memory for all your guests.


Stampede Flavours for All Summer Long

The best of the fairgrounds in six cotton candy flavours, available all summer! Our Stampede cotton candy flavours include:

  • 🍁 Canadian Maple: An authentic taste of Canada with a sweet maple flavour.
  • 🍿 Buttered Popcorn: Enjoy the nostalgic taste of the fair with this buttery treat.
  • 🍏 Caramel Apple: A perfect blend of sweet caramel and tart apple.
  • 🥤 Root Beer: Classic root beer flavour in a fluffy, fun form.
  • 🍋 Lemonade: Refreshing and tangy, perfect for hot summer days.
  • 🍩 Mini Donut: Capture the essence of a fairground favourite in cotton candy form.

Choose one or enjoy all six here!

Bring the joy and sweetness of The Sugar Cube's cotton candy to all your summer activities. Whether it's a casual get-together, a birthday or a special celebration, our unique flavours will surely make every moment sweeter. Enjoy the taste of the Stampede all summer long!

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