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The Gift the Keeps on Giving: Why Gift a Candy Club Subscription!

The Gift the Keeps on Giving: Why Gift a Candy Club Subscription!

We're getting closer and closer to Christmas! You may have stumbled upon our website in a search for a gift for that hard to shop for person. If you have a BIG candy lover in your life, why not surprise them with a Candy Club Subscription? Here's a couple of our top reasons why a Candy Club Subscription is an ultimate gift!

Want to send someone a hint of what you'd like for Christmas this year? Send them this blog for a not so subtle hint why they should get you a Candy Club subscription!

Three months, a year, or until the end of time... it's up to you!

The Candy Club is flexible for any person and budget. If you're looking to keep your subscription for only a few months, let us know when you first purchase and we'll make a note to cancel it when you'd like it to end. We love a yearly subscription, as it gives you a full scope of what candy we get in over the course of a year!   

Really love candy and want to keep the party going? Keep your subscription ongoing and we'll continue to surprise you with new and delicious treats!                                                                                          

Something New Every Month!

We switch up the candy club theme every month! While we do include seasonal boxes with candy suited for Christmas and Valentine's Day (See the Smore's and Blackberry Cobbler flavoured candy corn we included for Halloween above), we work hard to come up with new and exciting themes. 

Some themes we've had in the past include...

  • Around the World (featuring candies from the UK, Netherlands, and US)
  • Under the Sea (Gummy Lobsters, Sea horses, Blue Raspberry Swirls)
  • On the Runway (Gummy Cockroaches, Cherry Cola Bottles, Avocados)

No matter the theme, you'll be sure to get exclusive access to our newest candies! Did you know our Candy Club members got to try our Gummy Pizza Slices THREE MONTHS before we started putting them into advent calendars and other CandyGrams!

We can also adjust your Candy Club to your candy preferences. One of our members loves pineapple rings, so we do our best to include those in every one of her CandyGrams!

Great for sharing, gifting, or keeping all to yourself!

What we love most about the Candy Club is that you can keep it all to yourself or share it around! Here's a couple of ways people have had some fun with their Candy Club that you could too!

  • Get it for your office and use it as a way to recognize outstanding employees!
  • Share it with your family for a monthly movie night snack!
  • Send every other month to a friend or family member that could use an extra pick me up!

However you plan to use your Candy Club Subscription, we guarantee that it'll leave any candy love in awe on Christmas morning! 

Ready to take the next step? Click here to read more about our Candy Club Packages and how to subscribe!



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