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Three Celebration Themes for Grad 2021!

Although your Grad celebrations may be reduced this year, we're committed to bringing all the party energy we can muster! We have three party types below and matching candy pairings to sweeten up the celebration with your household

Garden Party: Grow some Cotton Candy Trees!

The weather is getting nicer so it's a perfect time to get on the barbeque and start grilling. Enjoy a potluck celebration outdoors with your close family. Our Cotton Candy Trees will take the dessert table to the next level. Each tree holds about 20 mini bags, ideal for everyone to have 1-2 bags!

Click here to browse our Cotton Candy selection

Click here to rent our Cotton Candy Tree. 

Movie Night: Candy Party Cart


Pop some popcorn, grab your favourite classic sodas and browse our Candy Party Cart for some extra treats for a fun movie night that makes you feel like you like you're back at the movies. Dress everyone up in their finest and roll out the red carpet for a fun movie premiere theme!

Our top three school-themed movies for you: 

  • High School Musical (Make it a marathon with all three)
  • Legally Blonde
  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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A True Bash: Smash a Piñata!

Sugar Cube Pinata Kit


After the year and a half we've had, we wouldn't blame you if you want to bash something with a stick! Blindfold your Grad, spin them around three times, and giggle as they try and hit the Piñata. They may have just finished their Bachelor's Degree, but they'll still stumble around and swing wildly!

Stay tuned for a sweet new product and potential new partnership coming your way soon :) 

 Until then, if you need treats to fill your pinata - message us!

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