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Unwrap the Sweetness: Our Valentine's Day CandyGram Mixes!

Unwrap the Sweetness: Our Valentine's Day CandyGram Mixes!

Our Valentine's Day CandyGram Mixes!

Love is in the air, and it's deliciously sweet! This Valentine's Day, we're excited to introduce our five exclusive CandyGram Mixes, each with its own unique twist to make your heart (and taste buds) flutter. Get ready to fall in love with our confectionery creations!


1. Sweet Roses - A Blooming Delight!

sweet roses candygram

Imagine a bouquet that you can eat! Our 'Sweet Roses' mix is a floral fantasy, featuring Gummy Roses that are too pretty to resist. Dive into a sea of red and pink, where watermelon whispers sweet nothings to strawberry. It's not just a candy mix; it's a love story in every bite!

🌹 Fun Fact: These gummies have been rumoured to inspire spontaneous poetry!


2. Hugs and Kisses - Embrace the Sweetness!

hugs and kisses candygram

Get cozy with our 'Hugs and Kisses' mix. It's a cuddle session of flavours with X's and O's gummies leading the snuggle. Pastel goodies add a dash of cute, while pink and purple sweets (think grape and watermelon) dance in a delightful duet. Perfect for sharing... or not!

💋 Cheeky Tip: Best enjoyed while watching romantic comedies – extra points for guessing the ending!


3. Peach of My Heart - Juicy Love!

peach of my heart candygram

'Peach of My Heart' is a sunny, citrusy dream. This mix is a harmony of red and peach-coloured hearts, paired with the juiciest yellow, orange, and peach candies. It's like a summer romance in February – bright, sweet, and oh-so-memorable.

🍑 Did You Know? These candies are known to spark spontaneous beach daydreams, even in winter!


4. Bright Love - A Rainbow Connection!

bright love candygram

Kids, and the young at heart, rejoice! 'Bright Love' is a kaleidoscope of joy, featuring our Triple Heart Candies and a spectrum of rainbow sweets. This mix is a burst of happiness and a perfect way to add some colour to your Valentine's Day.

🌈 Pro Tip: Excellent for practicing your ROYGBIV and brightening up any day!


5. Burning Love - Spice it Up!

burning love candygram

For the adventurous souls, 'Burning Love' brings the heat. Spicy mangos lead the fiery dance, with cinnamon, pineapple, cherry, and peach stepping in to soothe the flames. It's a mix that's as daring as it is delicious – perfect for those who like their love with a little spice!

🔥 Warning: Ditch the sweater, we're warming you from the inside out!



Ready to Share the Love?

Check out the whole collection HERE!

Whether you're a hopeless romantic or just a candy enthusiast, our Valentine's Day CandyGram Mixes are here to make your day extra special. Grab your favourite mix, or dare to try them all – after all, variety is the spice of life (and love)!

💝 Happy Valentine's Day from us to you!

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